Peony leaf veiner/mold 10,5х5,5 cm (4,1x2,2 inches) №4 - pattern for foamiran and isolon leaves

Peony leaf veiner/mold 10,5х5,5 cm (4,1x2,2 inches) №4 - pattern for foamiran and isolon leaves

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The main thing in creating giant flowers is realism. Rose petals, orchids and calla lilies require special treatment. Flower molds and veiners create beautiful, true-to-life petals that follow every curve and texture!

These are strong, durable molds that can be used an unlimited number of times, creating a detailed relief of the workpiece. Plastic molds make it possible to create very precise, beautiful petals and leaves of a certain definite definite shape, texture, with or without veins. It is quite simple to use them, you can create whole bouquets of flowers that will decorate the photo zone, weddings or other events. The flowers look like real flowers, especially if the petal patterns are reproduced from both sides.

It is really profitable to buy viners because they are lightweight, flexible and practical to use. The molds are heat-resistant, do not burst, do not lose their shape and are completely safe for health. Molds are suitable for creating petals from polymer clay of any kind, plastic chocolate, sugar mastic, caramel, as well as isolon and foamiran. They are easy to clean and can be used with a variety of materials.

Working with molds is very simple: first you need to heat the cut out blank from isolon or foamiran, put it on the winer and press down with the mold. In a few seconds you will get a beautiful leaf of a plant, which is indistinguishable from the real one! Excess material is trimmed carefully.

The size is 10,5х5,5 cm (4,1x2,2 inches).