FUZZYROOM - what is IT?? My name is Svyatoslav and I am the founder and owner of this company. I will probably start with the origins - why did I create this company? Gradually we will reveal what is the main idea of the company? And in the end, what are we aiming for?

Initially, I never knew or thought about selling Handicrafts and especially decorative items for weddings or parties. I have always been a man of technology and worked as an engineer at a metallurgical plant since I was born and grew up in the region of metallurgists. On one of the holidays I wanted to give my girlfriend a unique gift special knowing that she loves to knit and is always a fan of her hobby. I started looking for something unique and unusual. And I came across an article about hand knitting from a giant wool yarn. I searched for this yarn for a long time in my country and finally found it. But the choice of shades was so poor that I chose only 10 colors. I will tell you so Efekt surprise and pleasant emotions that my girl experienced were so great that I thought - this is a product that carries shyastlivye emotions. I was especially surprised that this yarn turned out later and what wonderful products it created. I'll tell you it was excellent!!

After that I delved into the question of how many people like my girlfriend who have not yet felt new emotions from this yarn. A year has passed since I started my career as a small entrepreneur with full confidence and tried my hand at ETSY. And in 2016, there was a small yarn store YARN of UKRAINE.

When I saw how popular it is among masters from EUROPE and the United States and when only in one day I sold 50kg of yarn which for me was just out of the realm of fiction I was surprised by the popularity of this product.
Over time, I had to leave the factory and devote myself completely to working in the store. When I realized that not only yarn is popular but also products made from it. Products that my girlfriend knitted so well gave a new impetus to the store. And the idea was born to call it already-FUZZYROOM - which combines all the qualities that were in the yarn and products made from it, namely - NATURALNESS - FASHIONABLE - and the main slogan appeared. Why a cat with yarn? Because I am the owner of 7 shy cats and they all helped me perfectly in my work and life. I couldn't thank them enough for that.
During all this time that my company exists, I was able to go from a small shop where only I and my girlfriend worked to a small company. our friendly team has been supplemented by several master designers who help create these unique masterpieces made of yarn or made of paper or paper for your parties. Every master in our company is dedicated to his work and his profession, we are also not afraid to take young masters because I myself did not know anything about yarn and yarn products when I started. Today I can say with confidence that at the level of an Amateur I also know how to knit, because without this I would not understand what I offer to others!

FUZZY ROOM - Team...

In the future, I would very much like to continue expanding the company, I hope to open a representative office in one of the countries with which I constantly trade in order to facilitate the delivery of goods to customers. I also hope to expand my circle of friends and partners around the world. After all, every client for me is already a friend to whom we are always ready to help. Me and the entire FUZZYROOM team. I never avoid communicating with clients and am always ready to listen, understand and be sure

This was a small piece from the history of creation, life and plans of our store - I don't want to be too boring and talk a lot about myself and the store for us it's better to let our customers and their reviews speak, as well as the quality of products and service that we will give you!!!

Great shopping and see you soon !!!

Owner of FUZZYROOM-Svyatoslav Orlov