Organic hemp pillow Extreme line 16x24 inches (40x60 cm)
Organic hemp pillow Extreme line 16x24 inches (40x60 cm)
Organic hemp pillow Extreme line 16x24 inches (40x60 cm)
Organic hemp pillow Extreme line 16x24 inches (40x60 cm)
Organic hemp pillow Extreme line 16x24 inches (40x60 cm)
Organic hemp pillow Extreme line 16x24 inches (40x60 cm)

Organic hemp pillow Extreme line 16x24 inches (40x60 cm)

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Organic hemp pillows with natural hemp filler and cotton, linen, flax, hemp covers are bestsellers on the natural, clean and organic home bedding market!

We produce hemp pillows from environmentally friendly non-drug hemp. Combined with a organic cover, these pillows are ideal for all seasons, summer and winter and suitable for all people without exception. One of the main advantages of our blankets and pillows is that the hemp fiber is free of traces of pesticides and other chemicals that are used to protect and stimulate the growth of other crops used as natural raw materials for fabrics.

Hemp is known for hypoallergenic properties, so it would be very nice gift for people suffering from allergies, babies, kids, toddlers.

Natural eco-friendly vegan hemp filler allows your body and skin to breathe and provides a perfect temperature - the pillow won`t let you freeze or overheat, you just will feel only natural purity and freshness that will help to maintain a healthy sleep.

Hemp-filled pillows are:

- hypoallergenic - do not cause allergic reactions; dust mites do not breed in hemp filler;

- excellent air permeability - air easily passes between the hemp fibers, which creates a favorable microclimate for the sleeping person;

- good moisture exchange - hemp perfectly absorbs moisture and immediately evaporates it - while remaining dry;

- antibacterial - a hemp-filled pillow contains selenium and silicon. These substances prevent pathogenic microorganisms from multiplying between the fibers;

- thermal conductivity - a hemp pillow warms the body well, has excellent thermoregulation;

- long service life - hemp filler will serve you longer than others;

- ease of maintenance - products are well washed and dry quickly.


Who will a pillow be the best gift for?

For allergy sufferers, as all items included in the kit are washed in a gentle mode at a temperature of 40 ° C.
For anyone who prefers animal-free fiber bedding.
For people who wish to be warm on cool nights and to absorb excess moisture on warm nights.

The hemp filler is without harmful substances - No GMO, no chemicals, no insecticides and herbicides were used for hemp and linen growing.

Hemp is a real gift from nature. It has a healing effect on the body. We want to preserve these traditions and convey their properties in environmentally friendly products presented in our store.

By buying this pillow you support not only Ukrainian organic farmers and craftsmen, but also preserve our local traditions of hand made production, organic cotton, linen, flax and hemp cultivation that has no negative environmental impact.


Product Details:

The pillow cover consists of 3 layers:

1st layer - 100% softened flax;

2nd layer - 100% hemp fiber;

3rd layer - 100% organic cotton.

The filler material is 100% organic hemp (the density of filler is 500g/m2) with a little bit of artificial filler in order to make better the final properties of filler and provide its stable condition and density.

Cover pattern: square or line.

The pillow is hypoallergenic, does not interfere with natural air circulation and does not accumulate odors. This pillow will not be hot in summer, and thanks to its excellent antibacterial properties - no microorganisms are found inside.

Sizes & Care Instructions

The size of a pillow is 40x60 cm or 16x24 inches.

We also carry out orders according to your individual size. Please contact us using the contact form on the website.

Organic hemp pillows will last a long time for you and retain their shape due to proper care:

Do not use any aggressive detergents containing chlorine.

Wash the pillow two to three times a year, using a delicate wash, the temperature should be 30-40 ° C. After washing, while the pillow is still wet, it should be shaped by evenly distributing the filler.

Dry the pillow in a well-ventilated place and shake it from time to time.

Do not dry the pillow in a dryer machine.

The pillow cover can be washed more often, separately from the pillow.