This arrangement allows you to combine flowers of different shades with each other, to create bright and expressive compositions.

To create harmonious photo zones, we recommend using peonies located at different heights.

So the flowers look the most advantageous and the picture looks "finished".

Thus, the actual photo zones of growth flowers are composed.

We sell such photo zones-or rent them out for events.

Our service for renting large flowers helps to seriously save the budget of the event – on average, the cost of renting flowers is about 2 times lower than their full price.

We have an extensive palette of possible colors – and we always have ready-made flowers to rent for events.

If the photo zone is needed urgently, "yesterday" - you can always choose something from the availability.

Flowers that we use for rent, the quality is the same as those that sell and those that you see in the photo-ie, not worn, not crumpled, not dusty and so on.

Before every installation, all our flowers are total control of the master and, if necessary, restoration.

In short, we are always happy to be useful and decorate your event with the brightest photo zone of cool giant flowers!