Patchwork genuine cowhide runner rug (brown)
Patchwork genuine cowhide runner rug (brown)
Patchwork genuine cowhide runner rug (brown)
Patchwork genuine cowhide runner rug (brown)

Patchwork genuine cowhide runner rug (brown)

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Cowhide rugs for entryways, living rooms, patio, bedrooms, offices, dinner rooms are one of the most ancient adornments for human dwellings. Filling with their natural strength, they create coziness in the house.
Even the most perfect interior design can be emphasized by decorating the apartment with a cowhide thrown casually on the floor or carefully laid on a bed in a bedroom. In the living room, it can play the role of one of the key design elements, attracting the eye from the first minute of being in the house. Exceptionally bold and, at the same time, a cowhide rug will look beautiful and exotic on the wall.

The skin of a cow is made of whole cow leather, which has undergone a special treatment. It fits snugly on parquet, tile, laminate floors and does not slip. Large cowhide rugs are antistatic and durable (they have a strong pile). 

Cow skins went through all the necessary processing stages which allow, in addition to their beautiful appearance, to be confident in quality. The skins of our production are the most optimal choice in terms of price/quality ratio. The pattern of each skin is completely natural and unique. 

Each cowhide has an individual natural color. Placement, size of color and tone spots, general outline of the skin may differ from the typical image on the website. 

- skin type - natural
- color - natural
- fur length - 0.5-1.0 cm
- reverse side of rug - genuine leather

Length of cowhide: 1.75 meters or 5.74 ft.
Width of cowhide: 1.00 meters or 3.28 ft.
Weight of cowhide: 4.0 kg.


We do not recommend vacuuming of cowhides, especially against lint. It is best to just shake them out on the street, removing dust and small debris. It is not advisable to place cow skins in damp rooms, as well as on heated floors and near a fireplace/radiator.

During use, heavy furniture with sharp legs can damage the pile of the skin. Soft pads on the legs will help to protect and preserve the presentable skin. A couple of times a year it is recommended to "ventilate" the skin on a flat surface in the shade.